Automation Training

Project Objectives
Android controlled Smart Home & Office Automation should be able to control the home appliances wirelessly with effectively and efficiently.

What you'll receive

Controlling Home & Office Appliances via Application (Switch and Voice Mode)

Real Time Video Streaming from IP camera

Controlled by any device capable of Wi-Fi (Android, iOS, PC)

Extensible platform for future enhancement

Technology Exposures That Project Provides

What you'll Build

Impress your interviewers, teachers and friends

Not a 'paper engineer'. Be a real, practical engineer

Projects portfolio. Not bunch of certificates.

Grab the best jobs and higher education opportunities

What you'll learn in this course

To develop an application that includes the features of switches and voice mode application. Switch Mode or Voice Mode can be used to control the switches of home appliances.

To receive the quality video from the camera to the android application. Secure Connection Channels between Application and Raspberry pi Use of secure protocols over Wi-Fi so that other devices cannot control the appliances. Options for secure connection is SSL over TCP, SSH.

To make the home appliances flexible in control, any device capable of Wi-Fi connectivity will able to control the home appliances from remote location.

The application is to be highly extensible, with possibility of adding features in the future as needed.

1. Google’s Android open source technology.
2. Wi-Fi technology.
3. Interfacing Wireless Adapter to Raspberry pi.
4. Interfacing relays with ac and dc power sources.
5. Using Transistor as a Switch.
6. Embedded programming